Vincent Duncan vs. James Duncan
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5- That under the ordinance of Congress of 1787. VincentVincent , this plain-
tiff cannot lawfully claim his freedom by reason of any
residence in IllinoisIllinois which does not amount to a permanent
settlement & the acquisition of a regular there

6- That the constitution of IllinoisIllinois is not & cannot be controlled by
the ordinance of 1787 as to the existence of slavery with in the
the limits of that state

7- That if the jury shall be of opinion from the evidence that
VincentVincent the plaintiff constantly down to the of 1829 when
this suit was brought acknowledged himself a slave such
evidence is legal and valid & they may from then believe upon it.

The plaintiffs counsel prayed the court to grant the following instruc-

tions which was [ negected ]-

1- If the Jury can collect from the evidence that the plaintiff
resided at the OhioOhio SalineSaline as a labourer there in the year 1817 by
counsent of his matter he is entitled to his freedom

2- If the plaintiff was disobedient to the person who claimed
him as a slave & ran about pretty much as he pleased while
hired at the SalineSaline this does not prove that he was
from labor

3- If the plaintiff proves that he was seen at the OhioOhio SalineSaline
almost daily he has made out a to his freedom
and it is upon the defendant to show that he left the State ofIllinois
IllinoisIllinois if he did so.

The plaintiff here by his Counsel as a to the
opinion of the Courts as prepared to the Jury
that there was no evidence to show claimed
to be owner at the slave when he was hired
at the Ohis SalineSaline he also to the
opinion of the Courts as aforesaid in court of the
Instructions above asked for by the Defendants
he also to the opinion of the Courts
in overruling theeach of the above instru

tions asked for by the plaintiff & he
tinders this of as a & prays that
the same may be assigned & States & made
parts of the record the is

WillWill C.CarrCarr

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