Peter, a slave vs. James Walton
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James WaltonJames Walton

St. LouisSt Louis circuit court.
November Term. 1829.

PeterPeter , the above named plaintiff, states that
John J.Walton and Archibald [ McDaniel ] are
material witnesses in the above cause, that
no other witness is in attendance upon whose
evidence the party can safely rely to prove
the particular fact, which the absent witnesses
are expected to prove, that the applicant belives
he cannot go to trail safely without the testi-
mony of the absent witnesses, that they are
not absent with his or procure-
ment, and that these witnesses were summoned,
as he belives, to give testimony in this cause
some time before the commencement of
this court.

Sworn to and subscribed
before me, this 31st December 1829.

ArchibaldArchibald Gamble GambleArchibald Gamble Clerk

PeterPeter his