Nicholas Jones vs. John W. Honey, John H. Gay
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Nicholas JonesNicholas Jones
John H Jay
JohnJohn W WJohn W Honey

Richard JRichard J JonesJones being sworn
whom the Holy of Almighty
God the and saith that sometime
in the year 1821 he sent the sum of
five dollars to namedJonesJones (a freeman of color)for the purpose of de-
fraying expenses incident to carry-
ing Nicholas JonesNicholas Jones (son of the said sworn
) on board of a vessel com
manded by a certain JohnJohn Johnson JohnsonJohn Johnson .
This deponent further saith that he
has a perfect recollection of the said
Nicholas JonesNicholas Jones and that he was
at the time afore said about 14 or
15 years of Age that in or about
the month of August 1821 this deponent
had a with the said John
commanded as aforesaid in
which this deponent distinctly understood
that the said that the said JohnsonJohnson at the
and of the Father the said AaronAaron
aon board his vessel and em-

the said Nicholas JonesNicholas Jones as a
labourer owning his (the said Johnson's) voyage

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From this fort (Annapolis) to the fort
of New OrleansOrleans and the return voyage.
That this deponent always understood
and verily believes the said NicholasNicholas Jones
JonesNicholas Jones was a free personentitled to his free

NJ JonesJones

Sworn to the a Justice of the peace for Ann
Aundel county the 12 day of February 1830

JamesJames Hunter HunterJames Hunter