Maria Whiten vs. Garland Rucker
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Depositions of Witness produced sworn and
examined at the Law office of WilliamWilliam JJ Gatewood .
GatewoodJ Gatewood at Equality in the County of GallatinCounty of Gallatin
and State of IllinoisIllinois before me FrancisFrancis Gehon
GehonFrancis Gehon an acting justice of the peace in &
for the County and State aforesaid in a certain
cause now depending in the St. Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court State of MissouriMissouri between Maria WhitenMaria Whiten
plaintiff and Garland RuckerGarland Rucker [ difendent ] on
the part of the plaintiff
Giles .Y. Taylor of lawful age being produced sworn and examined on the part
of the plaintiff deposeth and sayeth

Question by plaintiff Attorney
Did your know one LesuLesu Whiten WhitenLesu Whiten and MariahMariah
a [ mulatou ] woman

Answer I question what time did LesuLesu Whiten WhitenLesu Whiten
came to the state Answer he came here with.
MariahMariah about Chistmas 1828 and Stapled at
Abraham Crenshaw and Whiten told me that me
he had [ hiered ]MariahMariah to said A Crenshaw
whom the said WhittenWhitten claimed as his slave.
When LesuLesu Whiten WhitenLesu Whiten arrived at A Crenshaw he had
only two horses the same night he came he sold
me horse and same time afterwards sold the other
one; and he said Whiten told me his object in sellin
g this horses was that when he started he intended
to go by Steam Boat and said Whiten staid at said
Crenshaws and [ ingaged ] in work he could taken
sick and died in or about two months after his
arrival in this place during which time MariahMariah was
at work for Abraham Crenshaw on the hire of his her
Master LesuLesu Whiten WhitenLesu Whiten and worked until this time months

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the time of three months which Crenshaw said
he had hired her for and further this oponents saith

Giles Y. Taylor