Maria Whiten vs. Garland Rucker
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The deposition of JacobJacob Fizor taken at the house of Abel B. Nichols in the county of Bedfor
and of state of VirginiaVirginia on wednesday the 29th day of June 1830between the hours of 6 Oclock in the morning & 6 Oclock in the evening in pursuance
of a commissioner of dedimus potestatumjudge from the Circuit Court of the CountyCounty of St Louis
of St.LouisCounty of St Louis, state of MissouriMissouri dated on the 15th of May 1830 and directed to any judge or justice of the
peace of the State of VirginiaState of Virginia, to be read in evidence on the trial of a case
now depending in the said circuit court of the said county of St.LouisSt Louis in the
state of MissouriMissouri wherein MariaMaria WhittenWhitten is plaintiff and Garland RuckerGarland Rucker
is defendant and persuant to notice. The said JacobJacob Fizer FizerJacob Fizer being first duly
sworn to tell the whole heart deposeth & saith as follows -

That in the month of June orjuly 1828 a negro women named
MariaMaria and her child PatrickPatrick HenryHenry left the posession, or were carried
away from the posession of Abel B.Nichols in the town of Liberty in
the county of Bedford and State of VirginiaState of Virginia the said slaves had been pur
-chased by the said NicholsNichols of one Abraham PowellPatrickPatrick at auction
before the front door of the court house of said county on June court day 1828 as said deponent believes said deponent was present at the sale
the day after the said slaves absconded, or were carried away as
above stated, the said Abel B. Nichols came to said defendant
and requested him to go with him in search of said slaves. Said
deponent went with NicholsNichols to the house of JesseJesse Witten being
under an impression that WhittenWhitten either had the said slaves
in possession or knew where they were, as it was depositioners
universally believed that WhittenWhitten kept the woman for a wife and
that he was the father of her child. WhittenWhitten at that time denied
all knowledge of the said slaves, and pretended to aid us in our search
for them, and gave the said NicholsNichols the most positive assurance
that if he could fined the said slaves he would find and deliver
them to the said NicholsNichols . a few days subsequent to this said officiant hand
that said whitten had the said slaves in his hope from
and shortly afterwards and whilest the said NicholsNichols was absent from this state the said WhittenWhitten together with
the said slaves disappeared from this county & said deponent has
not heard of them since. The said defendant in answer to a question asked
him by the deponents aganist further saith that the said slave MariaMaria
was a bright mulatto women under thirty years of age at the time
spoken of and that her childPatrickPatrick HenryHenry was very young &
he thinks under 2 years old and further the deponent saith not

Jacob FizerJacob Fizer