Maria Whiten vs. Garland Rucker
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The deposition WhittenWhitten said
NicholasNicholas in the County of Bedford on wednesday the 30th day of June 1830 betweeen the hours of 6 Oclock in the morning & 6 Oclock in the evening of that day in presence of a commision of dedimus potestatum
peace from the circuit court of the county of St.LouisSt Louis in the StateMissouri
of MissouriMissouridated the 15th of May 1830 and directed to any
judge or justice of the peace of the of the State of VirginiaState of Virginia
to be cause in evidence on the trial of a case now
in the said circuit court of the said county of St.LouisSt Louis in the
state of MissouriMissouri wherein MariaMaria WhittenWhitten is plaintiff and
Garland RuckerGarland Rucker is defendant and present to notice.
The saidWilliamsWilliams WhittenWhitten being first duly sworn to
tell the whole truth deposeth as follows-.

That a negro woman MariaMaria shortly after June Befored
County CourtCircuit Court 1828 ranaway with her child from the possesion
of Abel B. Nichols in the town of and county of Bedford
in the state of VirginiaVirginia and went to Jesses Whittenâs who
shortly thereafter ranaway with her and went
as said deponent is informed to the state Illinios.
Where he died. The deponent is the father of the said
JessesWhittenWhitten and lived very near him and had no knowledge that he
intended to runaway from this county until
he was gone_ The women MariaMaria was a brith mu-
-latto the deponent thinks she was between 25 and
& 30 years old but is not certain, the child named PatrickPatrick
HenryHenry was nearly white. & deponent thinks was near
two years old but does not with certainly, and
further this deponent saith not.

WilliamWilliam his


mark WhittenWhitten