Maria Whiten vs. Garland Rucker
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I RobertRobert C.MitchellMitchell Clerk of
the County Court of Bedford in the StateState of Virginia ofState of Virginia
VirginiaState of Virginia do hereby certify that . whose signature appears to the foregoing
certificates attended & the deponent of JacobJacob Fizer
FizerJacob Fizer andWilliamWilliam Shothen
is and was at the time of signing the said
certificates and acting Justice of the peace in &
for the said County duly appoinment commissioned
and qualified according to said that his said
certificates are in due form and the full
faith and credit our due and of right ought
to be given to all his official is as Justice
of the peace as in courts of

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In Testimony whereof I
have subscribed my
name and affixed the seal of the said Court at office
This first day of July 1830
and in the 26th of
the Commonwealth.

Ro.C.MitchellMitchell CF. B.Cr

our 1.00
for 50¢. charged to Defend

R.C.MitchellMitchell Clk