Patrick Henry vs. Garland Rucker
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Garland RuckerGarland Rucker
PatrickPatrick HenryHenry

And the said Defendant GarlandGarland Rucker
RuckerGarland Rucker by GambleArchibald Gamble his Attorney complains comes and
defends the force and injury when & and
says he is not guilty of the said supposed trespass
in the declaration mentioned in manner
and form as the said plaintiff hath com
plained against him and of this he puts
himself upon the Country

And for further plea in this behalf
the said Defendant says the said plaintiff ought
not to have and maintain his aoresaid ac
tion against him because he says that
at the time of committing the said supposed tres-
-pass in the declaration mentioned he the said
plaintiff was and still is a slave without this that
he the said plaintiff was at the said time
free as in his pleading is above supposed
and this he is ready to verify whereupon he
prays judgment

HR GambleH R Gamble

Atto for Dfn
filed Nov 25th 1829

AG Clk