John Singleton vs. Alinander Scott, Robert Lewis
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To the Honorable WilliamWilliam C. CarrCarr Judge
of the circuit court of the country of
St. LouisSt Louis.

The Petition of John SingletonJohn Singleton , a man
of colour, represents to your honor, that he
is a free man, according to & by the laws of
the land, having been born of a free mother in the state of IllinoisIllinois and having
been reared there from his birth to manhood
that his mother, Phillis Singleton, before
the birth of your petitioner, was the slave of
one Ogle, now an inhabitant of St. Clair
county of IllinoisIllinois, and was emancipated by
said Ogle before the birth of your petitioner,
which happened some time in the year...

And your petitioner further represents, that he
always, from his birth, enjoyed and exercise his
natural freedom, in the state of IllinoisIllinois until about six years ago, which your petitioner
was stolen and kidnapped by one
J... Lamkins, and was taken by him as
a slave to the now state of AlabamaAlabama, where
said Lamkims sold your petitioner as a slave,
to one Zachariah Neal, against whom your
petitioner brought suit for his freedom, but the forsaid suit could be decided, you petitioner
was taken from there to New OrleansOrleans, by one
HenryHenry Byron, who sold your petitioner there

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as a slave, & your petitioner, soon after came
into the hands and possession of our RobertRobert Lewis
LewisRobert Lewis , who claims your petitioner to be his slave,
but by what means or by what authority your
petitioner does not know. That your petitioner
knowing his rights to freedom, attempted to regain
it, and went an board the steam boat AmericaAmerica
of St. LouisSt Louis. commanded by Mr. AlexanderAlexander Scott ScottAlexander Scott
and came to the City of St. LouisCity of St Louis in the state of
MissouriMissouri, some time in august, of the present year
where your petitioner was arrested and cart into
the common jail of the county of St. LouisSt Louis,
where he now is, by the authority and order,
as your petitioner is informed & believes, by of
AlexanderAlexander Scott ScottAlexander Scott . as a run away slave, the property
of said Robert LewisRobert Lewis with the avowed intention
of sending or carrying your petitioner to New
OrleansOrleans, and returning him to the custody
& possession of said LewisLewis . And your petitioner
is informed and believes, that your petitioner was
arrested & imprisoned as aforesaid, by said ScottScott -
as the agent or attorney, of said LewisLewis , and by
& under his authority. Your petitioner therefore
prays that your honor will permit & order that
he shall be allowed to institute his suit against
said ScottScott and LewisLewis for the recovery of his
freedom, and that he may be permitted to
sue as a poor person. And your petitioner
further prays that your honorissue your writ of
Habeas Corpus, directed to said ScottScott , and to the
Sheriff of St. LouisSt Louis county, in whose custody your
petitioner now is for the body of your petitioner,
and that your honor will therefore take such
order in behalf of your petitioner as shall