George Relf vs. Thompson H. Ficklin
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Deposition of witnesses produced sworn and
examined on the twenty sixth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine, between the hours
of eight of the clock of the forenoon and
six of the clock of the afternoon of that
day at the dwelling house of WilliamWilliam
Cole in the town of in the
county of WashingtonWashington state of MissouriMissouri
before me a justice of the
peace within and for the county of
WashingtonWashington aforesaid in a certain case
now pending in the Circuit Court of
the county of Saint LouisSt Louis, in the state
of MissouriMissouri, between GeorgeGeorge Relfe RelfeGeorge Relfe
plaintiff, and ThompsonThompson H Ficklin HThompson H Ficklin .FicklinThompson H Ficklin
defendant, on the part of the plaintiff.

James HJames H Relfe RelfeJames H Relfe of lawful age being produced
sworn and examined on the part of the
plaintiff, deposith and saith that he has
known since the month of september 1815 a certain
negro man named GeorgeGeorge , and believes him to
have been born a slave, the property of JamesJames Duff
DuffJames Duff of Rockingham county VirginiaVirginia at which
time to wit in the month of september 1815 he came
into the possession of the said deponent. This deponent, has always considered and the said GeorgeGeorge .

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the property of Mr.Duff, but expected at his
andeath, the said GeorgeGeorge would be given to this
deponent or his family. This deponent brought
said GeorgeGeorge to the county of RandolphRandolph
State of IllinoisIllinois in the month of January in the year 1817 without the knowledge
of Mr.Duff (When this deponent left VirginiaVirginia
he expected to reside somewhere in the state
of MissouriMissouri) soon after this deponent took
up his residence in the State of IllinoisIllinois Mr.Duff became acquainted with the fact
but this deponent has no recollection of
giving him information thereof or that
be had taken GeorgeGeorge there. This deponent
removed from the state of IllinoisIllinois to the
state of MissouriMissouri in the month of November 1818 and at the particular request of
the said plaintiffGeorgeGeorge he brought him
with him. This deponent wished the said GeorgeGeorge to remain on this deponent's farm in IllinoisIllinois. This said GeorgeGeorge continued to reside with this deponent in MissouriMissouriuntil the spring of the year 1827, when
after he had made a second attempt to commit
murder on the family of this deponent,
this deponent drove the said GeorgeGeorge from his
house, and informed Mr.Duff of the