George Relf vs. Thompson H. Ficklin
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Circumstance, telling said Duff who is the
father in law of this deponent, that said GeorgeGeorge
was then running at and declined
having anything further to do with him. Soon after the receipt of this Letter by Mr. Duff, Mr. Duff forwarded to Dr. Lewis F. Linn of
StSt Genevieve. GenevieveSt Genevieve a power of attorney to take up
GeorgeGeorge and sell him as his property, and
to pay the proceeds of such to this
deponent Dr. Lewis F Linn therefore sold
said GeorgeGeorge to Augustus Jones of WashingtonWashington County
CountyWashington County, and A. Jones this deponent
believes and has been informed sold the said
GeorgeGeorge toThompsonThompson H Ficklin HThompson H Ficklin FicklinThompson H Ficklin the deponent
in the above action. In1817 this deponent
took an indenture for fifty years on GeorgeGeorge
according to the Laws, of the state of IllinoisIllinois
but this deponent never asked the permission his father in law Mr. Duff
nor does he
believe that Mr. Duff has any knowledge
of said indenture at this time

by plaintiff Witness you have stated that
GeorgeGeorge attempted to commit a murder in your
family, please state the circumstances of that affair?

Case. This deponent believes it was an the

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Month of March in the year 1824he directed GeorgeGeorge the now plaintiff to go with the train to plow a garden for a neighbor; some time
in the course of the day GeorgeGeorge advanced into the
room where the deponent and some company
were sitting with an axe elevated in a striking
position swearing he would kill the rascal. This
deponent sprung towards him and with difficulty
avoided the blow. GeorgeGeorge then ran and was
followed by the deponent to the woods, where
he lost sight of him. GeorgeGeorge returned to the
house and endeavored to procure a furr, but
was prevented by a man of the neighbourhood
who happened to be in the house. The second attempt was made in the spring of
the year1827, when early one morning GeorgeGeorge came into the room took down
the furr. This deponent was shortly afterward
jarred by the cry of a negro woman
that GeorgeGeorge was going to kill Ned a negro man. This deponent followed GeorgeGeorge
who was in pursuit of Ned in the
bush threatening to shoot him and when this
deponent askedGeorgeGeorge to give up the furr
GeorgeGeorge pointed it at deponent and threatened
to shoot until this deponent stepped back