George Relf vs. Thompson H. Ficklin
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This deponent was under constant anxiety for
his family when absent from home on account
of GeorgeGeorge , and nothing insured him to keep
him as Comp in his family, but for the circumstance, that GeorgeGeorge was the son of an old
negro woman who had been the nanny
of Mr. Relfe; and to whom this deponent
had given a promise to keep GeorgeGeorge in the

by plff. How much money did
. A Jones give Dr. Lewis F. Linn for
GeorgeGeorge ?

two hundred and fifty dollars

by plff. Has Dr. Linn accounted with
you witness for the proceeds of GeorgeGeorge as sold to JonesJones ?

He has

by plff. at what time did it become known to your father in law Mr. Duff, that you
reside in IllinoisIllinois?

Soon after this deponent arrived there

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by Defendant - Do you know the time the
defendant ThompsonThompson H Ficklin HThompson H Ficklin FicklinThompson H Ficklin purchased said GeorgeGeorge
from JonesJones do you know of GeorgeGeorge informing said Ficklin
or telling him that he had no idea of of his being entitled to his freedom, & would serve Ficklin Defendant
as a slave if he the said deft would buy him GeorgeGeorge and
what you heard GeorgeGeorge say about that time as his promise to deft-before or afterwards purchase GeorgeGeorge ?

Deponent believes it was in the latter part of May
or first of June last he was informed by GeorgeGeorge that Thompson H. FicklinThompson H Ficklin had purchased him from JonesJones , and that he was
to to be sold to ScottScott and Rub of St. LouisSt Louis, who was to put him aboard one of their steam boats, and if he conducted himself well for two years, he would then be emancipated,
previous to that time GeorgeGeorge informed the deponent that he
had abandoned the idea of getting his freedom.

JamesJames H Relfe . HJames H Relfe . RelfeJames H Relfe .

Sworn and subscribed to before me on the day at the
place and within the house first a aforesaid

Airs Hudspeth Justics

of the Peace