George Relf vs. Thompson H. Ficklin
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Mildred Relfe of Lawful age being properly sworn and examined on the part of the plantiff
deposith and saith in answer to the following
interrogation that is to say

by plaintiff Witness do you know GeorgeGeorge the plantiff in the above action?

I do

by How long have you known
him ? Since his birth twenty
nine years

plantiff WasGeorgeGeorge born a slave if so
whose property was he ? He was born
a slave and was the property of Mr Duff
the father of this deponent

Have you ever owned or possessed
Him ? If so how did you obtain possession, from whom, for what purpose and on what
terms ?

my father Mr Duff observed to this deponant
that he would make her a present of GeorgeGeorge
if she would take him home this was in September in the year 1815Therefore GeorgeGeorge came to the
possession of this deponent and her husband JamesJames H Relfe

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H. RelfeJames H Relfe and continued in possession from that
time until the year 1827

Did you reside in the state of IllinoisIllinois,if so in what county and how long ?
Given Yes lived in Randolph County IllinoisIllinois
come there 3rd May 1817 and left there in the
month of November 1818

Did GeorgeGeorge the plantiff live
with you in IllinoisIllinois and how long?

He did the whole of the time this
deponent resided there.

Was it knownto your father
Mr Duff that you resided in IllinoisIllinois, at the time
GeorgeGeorge was with you there, if at what time
did it became known to Mr. Duff your father
that you resided in IllinoisIllinois?

Mr Duff knew of our residing in IllinoisIllinois
shortly after this deponnent and family came there
but the precise time when Mr. Duff became thus
informed this deponent cannot state.

Where was GeorgeGeorge born ? In the state of VirginiaVirginia county of