George Relf vs. Thompson H. Ficklin
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plaintiff, Where has GeorgeGeorge the above
Plaintiff resided in your possession? First in VirginiaVirginia, secondly in MissouriMissouri, thirdly
in IllinoisIllinois and fourthlyin MissouriMissouri

by plaintiff What knowledge has Mr.Duff
had of the place of residence of GeorgeGeorge
the plaintiff.

from the family corrospondence Mr. Duff must have known of the several removals
of this deponent, and also of GeorgesGeorges severals places of residence.

by plaintiff Have any arrangements been made
for the sale of GeorgeGeorge , if so to whom has he been sold, and how are the proceeds to be apportioned
and for whose use?

This deponent has understood that GeorgeGeorge was sold to A. Jones by Lewis F. Linn by power of attorney from Mr. Duff and that JonesJones sold GeorgeGeorge to ThompsonThompson H Ficklin HThompson H Ficklin .FicklinThompson H Ficklin and that the proceeds of the sale of GeorgeGeorge as sold by Dr.
Linn, were for the use of James H.Relfe
the husband of this deponent.

Mildred - Relfe

Sworn & subscribed to before me on the day

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at the place and within the hours first afore said

Aris Hudspeth Justice
of the Peace