William H. Pepper v. Isaac White
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Q C. Execution

The Commonwealth of KentuckyKentucky. To the
Sheriff of MasonMason County CountyMason County: Greeting: We command
you that you take Isaac WhiteIsaac White , if he
be found within your bailiwick, and him
safely keep so that you have his body, before
our Judge of our Mason Circuit Court, the
third Wednesday in June next to satisfy WilliamWilliam H Pepper
H. PepperWilliam H Pepper of the sum of One hundred
and twenty five dollar with Interest thereon
at the rate of six per centum per annum
from the 11th day of January 1818until paid
which the said William H. PepperWilliam H Pepper hath recovered
against him for debt and interest: also the
sum of five dollars, ninety six and half cents
which to the said W. H. Pepper in the same
Court was adjudged for his costs by him about
his suit in this behalf expanded, whereof he
is convicted as appears to us of record, and that
you have the said IsaacIsaac White WhiteIsaac White , before the Judge
of our said Court, on the third wednesday
in June next to render the said William HWilliam H Pepper .
PepperWilliam H Pepper and have then and there this writ.