Lemman Dutton, a girl of color, by and through her next friend, Grace Dutton v. John Paca
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Lemman Sutton
John PacaJohn Paca

March term AD 1836

Be it remembered that on the trial of this
cause, the same being submitted for trial to the court, nei-
ther party requiring a jury; the plaintiff read in evidence
the following acts of the legislature of MarylandMaryland, to writ,
"An act to on called slaves
being set free on the manumission of slaves by any
last will or testament" made at a of
began that at the City ofCity of Annapolis AnnapolisCity of Annapolis the 3d June 1752
"An act to continue the act of therein
mentioned "made at a of began the
at the City - of Annapolis to the 6th November 1786, which
act of the legislature of MarylandMaryland so read in evidence
are not herein set forth, it being by the
of bothparties herto that the law may be read the
same advantage had at given to the in the
Supreme CourtSupreme Court on as if they come in corpo-
rated in this bill - the plff: the to read
in evidence with its authentication there on endor-
sed, writing purporting to be an authenti-
cated copy from one of the land record books of Har-
ford County in the state of MarylandMaryland, which paper
writing fits - authentication are in the words of figures
following (here insert same) to the reading of which
the Deft by his council objected but the Court over-
ruled the objection & permitted the same to be read,
to which the defts by him counsel excepts.

The plff: then read in evidence said paper con-
tring fits - authentication & that HannahHannah
one of the named in said paper writing was
the mother of Grace who is the mother of the plff.
fits was admitted that HannahHannah at the time ap-
pointed for her liberation is said paper writing
has fifty - years of age & capable of main-
taining herself - that Grace was born in the year
1792 & the : her child was born after grace had
papers the age of twenty three years and that the defendant held the plaintiff in slavery at the commencement of this suit. There being no
other evidence on either side, the deft upon the fore-

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going testimony moved the Court to decide that
upon the case made the plff: was not entitled
to freedom but the court refused so to decide &
decided that upon the case made the plff: was
entitled to freedom, to which decision the Deft. by
his councel excepts - prays the court to sign &
seal these his exceptions, which is done accordingly

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