Vincent vs. Jerry Duncan
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To the Honorable WilliamWilliam C CarrCarr Judge of the CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court Third Judicial Circuit & State of MissouriMissouri

The Petition of VincentVincent other wise called Vincents DuncanDuncan
represents to your honor that he is entitled to his freedom
& that he is held in Slavery in the City & County of the StSt Louis.
LouisSt Louis by one jury a free man of colour who held
your Petitioner for a year from one Caleman DuncanDuncan
who is nowin the State ofKentucky KentuckyKentucky your Petitioner
further states that said Caleman held your petitioner
to said Jury for one year from the 19th day of September last as the agents of John DuncanJohn Duncan of
KentuckyKentucky who claims your Petitioner as a slave.
Your Petitioner further saith that he was the slave
of one DuncanDuncan the father of said John & that
while he was the slave of said some time in the
year 1816 or 1817 according to the last recollection of your
petitioner your petitioner was by the said hired
out to labor in the State of IllinoisIllinois where your petitioner resided &
Laboured by the orders of said until the deathof said
Your Petitioner further saith that from 1816 or 1817
until about the commencement of 1826 your
petitioner by the consent & orders of said
& of his hiers after his death
served & labored in the State of IllinoisIllinois as the a
hired servant & that said issue & his office death
the changes for the hire of your Petitioner.
Your Petitioner further says that about the year 1819
the said issue DuncanDuncan did since which time the
said John DuncanJohn Duncan has your Petitioner as his

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Slave claiming your Petitioner as one of the heirs of the
said Your Petitioner therefore prays that he
May by the order of your honor be permitted to
his suit for freedom & prosecute as a
poor person that counsel may be a assigned to him
April 22d 1829