William Henry vs. David G. Bates
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H. WilliamWilliam C. CarrCarr Judge of the St. LouisSt Louis Circuit

The petition of William HenryWilliam Henry , a black man held
in slavery showeth, that he is now aged about thirty one
years & two months: that he was born in the state of
VirginiaVirginia & was brought from thence to the town of KaskaskiaKaskaskia
in the now state of IllinoisIllinois, about sixteen
years ago, when your petitioner was aged about fifteen
years, and was then sold as a slave to HughHugh Maxwell
who then resided at KaskaskiaKaskaskia aforesaid: that said HughHugh
Maxwell was then permanently settled with his family
at said KaskaskiaKaskaskia & has resided there ever since, and
that he held your petitioner these as a slave, from
the time aforesaid of the sale of your petitioner to
him for the period of eleven years; that he then sold
your petitioner to David Dunklin of WashingtonWashington County
CountyWashington County in MissouriMissouri, who sold him to one ElijahElijah
Inge, who sold him to WilliamWilliam HempsteadHempstead , which
said HempsteadHempstead sold him to David G. BatesDavid G Bates , who now
claims & holds your petitioner as his slave, He further
states that when said Inge was the owner of your
petitioner as aforesaid, he said Inge, some time
in the month of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred Twenty eight, took
your petitioner to GalenaGalena in the said state of IllinoisIllinois,
& settled there with your petitioner & so remained
there holding your petitioner in bondage
until June last: that said HempsteadHempstead then purchased
your petitioner, & kept him in bondage
in said last mentioned place, where said HempsteadHempstead
was settled in business, until about three months
ago, when he sold your petitioner to said BatesBates ,
who took possession of your petitioner & brought
him as his slave to St. LouisSt Louis in the state of

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MissouriMissouri where is now keeping your petitioner in
bondage & claiming him as his slave, and your
petitioner states that for the causes aforesaid he is
entitled to his freedom under & in virtue of the ordinance
of Congress of the year 1787, as he is advised
& believes; & he prays that he may be permitted
to sue as a poor person free of will.

He says further that the said David G. BatesDavid G Bates
his present master, is the master of a steam Boat
running on the Mississippi RiverMississippi River, on which he has
put your petitioner to work as a fireman; and that
in a day or two said Boat will he here, when
your petitioner will without doubt, he compelled
to go an board, & will be taken out of this state
of MissouriMissouri & the Jurisdiction of the St. Louis CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court, unless it shall be prevented by the
interference of your Honor and he greatly fears
that if said BatesBates is permitted to take your petitioner
out of MissiouriMissouri, that he will not bring him
back again, He says further that he was remained

in St. LouisSt Louis a few days while said BatesBates has been making
a trip of the River, in consequence of having
been sick, He says further that said BatesBates is not a resident
of the state of MissouriMissouri



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