William Henry vs. David G. Bates
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State of MissouriMissouri
County of St.LouisCounty of St Louisss.
at ChambersChambers May 20, 1830

Being of opinion that the
foregoing petition contains sufficient matter to authorize
the commencement of a suit, it is hereby ordered that
said William HenryWilliam Henry may sueDavid G.BatesDavid G Bates as a poor
person for his freedom: and Josiah SpaldingJosiah Spalding is hereby
assigned as counsel for said petitioner, and it is further ordered that said petition have reasonable liberty
to attend his counsel & the Court when occasion
may require; and that the petitioner shall not be
taken or removed out of the jurisdiction of the StCircuit Court .
Louis Circuit CourtCircuit Court , nor be subject to any severity
because of his application for freedom.

WillWill . C. CarrCarr
Judge 3.CircuitCircuit Court