Ralph, a man of colour v. James Coleman and Duncan Coleman
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he belong to my Father ever
until the division and then he fell to
my brotherJohn

Ques by same
did you on not live near your
brother John in the years 1815
16 17 18 & 19 & did he or not
hire RalphRalph at the SalineSaline in those
years to your knowledge

I lived in five miles a
John in those years I never
knew of his being hired by
John GordonJohn Gordon at the SalineSaline

Question by same if John GordonJohn Gordon
had hired RalphRalph at the
SalineSaline do you or not believe you
would have known it
ans. I believe if John had
hired him there I should have
known it I heard John GordonJohn Gordon
say in his lifetime the
negro hired his own time
& went to the saline of his
own accord
& further this deponent sayeth

Will Gordon