Ralph, a man of colour v. James Coleman and Duncan Coleman
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of St. LouisSt Louis

Ansr Since the fall 1819 or 20 when
he first came to he county
Question by same did he or
not live with you same time and
what was his general Moral
character in the neighbourhood
Ansr he did not live with me but
he worked at the carpenters
trade with me in the town of
madisonville a his moral cha
racter was not good in he neighbourhood

Question by same is or not
JohnJohn Steele SteeleJohn Steele entitled to Credit on
Oath in a Court of Justice from
your knowledge of his
general character in the neighbourhood
whilest he lived in

Ansr I would not believe upon
Oath nor do I believe he is en
titled to credit in a Court of Justice
& further this deponent sayeth

L. Robertson