Ralph, a man of colour v. James Coleman and Duncan Coleman
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RalphRalph a man of color
Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan

Be it remembered that
on the trial of the cause the following is the
evidence & all of the evidence produced of by
the parties aforesaid. The Depositions & of which
the following are copies were read in Evidence
on the part of the plaintiff âhere insert the
two Depositions of Lowry HayLowry Hay & the to saidHay's Depositions the Deposition
of Adam SmithAdam Smith & the Depositions of
Hiram WoodruffHiram Woodruff plaintiff & John DuncanJohn Duncan / leaving
out the captions & certificates to the Depositions)
The following the witnesses sworn on the part of the
Plaintiff testified as follows- TheodoreTheodore L McGill L McGillTheodore L McGill
testified that his was acquanted with the
hand writing of the Defendant had seen him
write & behind that the signature of ColemanColeman Duncan
DuncanColeman Duncan to the note attached to the Deposition
of LowryLowry Hay HayLowry Hay was in the hand writing of
the Defendant-

Robert SimpsonRobert Simpson testified that same time
about June 1830James DuncanJames Duncan the brother of
the defendant acted as the agent of the
Defendant in causing the Plaintiff to be arrested
as a runaway slave.

JeremiahJeremiah Millington MillingtonJeremiah Millington testified that last fall
he brought a suit before Joseph VJoseph V Garnier GarnierJoseph V Garnier a
Justice of the peace against the Defendant
on a note given to William SmithWilliam Smith of
Galena IllinoisIllinois- that an the trial of said
cause the Defendant set up as a Defense
said suit that said note was given
without consideration & attained by duress
that said ColemanColeman stated that said

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had been employed by his brother JamesJames to
procure the emancipation of some slaves
which said JamesJames had in IllinoisIllinois near
GalenaGalena & that SmithSmith was about to arrest
him an account of said Services to present
which executed said note to SmithSmith

That on the trial of said cause he caused
said ColemanColeman & James DuncanJames Duncan to be Sworn
as witnesses for the plaintiff & they both
on being asked if they were not
interested in said negroes answered an
oath that they were

Charles BobbCharles Bobb testified that some time
in 1828 he was at the mines near GalenaGalena
in IllinoisIllinois or MichiganMichigan he could
not tell which & he seen the plaintiff
Laboring at the mines there- that said
plaintiff was taken there by JesseJesse Duncan DuncanJesse Duncan & was afterwards
under the management &
control of James DuncanJames Duncan brother of the
Defendant that he know said plaintiff
to be thus laboring there about six months
& when he left said mines he left the plaintiff
at work there.

John Steel testified that either in the fall of
1818 or 1819 he could not recollect which he
was at the saline in the State of IllinoisIllinois near
Shawnee Town where he first saw the Plaintiff
& his then master John GordonJohn Gordon deceased
that said GordonGordon & a Mr.OwingsOwings then had
a settlement for the hire of said Plaintiff
at said saline & he understood from the
conversation between said Gordon & Owings
that said RalphRalph had been Laboring at said
saline a year on a part of two years