Ralph, a man of colour v. James Coleman and Duncan Coleman
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previous to that time & that this settlement
was for the hire of said RalphRalph during the
time aforesaid he further tesified that
immediately after this settlement he went to
KentuckyKentucky with said JohnJohn Gordon
GordonJohn Gordon & taught a school in the neighbour
hood of said John GordonJohn Gordon & boarded in
the family of said John GordonJohn Gordon that
which he in the family of said Gardan
he heard said GordonGordon say that he had
been in the habit of hiring said RalphRalph to
work at said saline occasionally from 1814
or 1815 to that time he further stated that
he understood it was the practice of said GordonGordon
to said RalphRalph after planting corn & sometimes
after gathering to work at said saline
untill about Christmas when said RalphRalph
was ordered back to KentuckyKentucky on the cross
examination said SteeleSteele in answer to questions
that he could not be certain as to the time when
said settlement took place between said GordonGordon
& said OwingsOwings that he had been sworn as a
witness in this case on a former trial & then
stated substantially what he has now that
he was then of the impression as he now is
that said settlement took place in the
fall of 1818- that he then released to a trial
that took place in GallatinGallatin county IllinoisIllinois before
a Justice of the peace which would show the
precise time a paper was then handed to said
Steel purporting to be articles of argument
between said Steel & the subscribers to the
school he taught in KentuckyKentuckydated21st October 1819- on issuing this paper said Steel said

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Stated that it was the agreement between him
& the Subscribers to his school on KentuckyKentucky which
he had spoken of & he was now cornered
that the settlement he had spoken of between
John GordonJohn Gordon & the said OwingsOwings for the hire of
said RalphRalph must have taken place in
1819soonaforesaid to the date of said
articles of agreement.

AbnerAbner Martin MartinAbner Martin testified that he was the nephew
of said John GordonJohn Gordon deceased & was brought
up in KentuckyKentucky within about a mile of said
GordonGordon that during the life of said GordonGordon
witness spent & lived a considerable of his
time with said GordonGordon that he was now
about twenty one years old - that since his
earliest recollection said RalphRalph was the
slave of John GordonJohn Gordon & said GordonGordon was
in the habit of hiring said RalphRalph to
labor at the saline in the State of IllinoisIllinois
that he recollects when he was about seven
years old of hearing said GordonGordon say that
said RalphRalph was at work at said SalineSaline in the mar
said MartinMartin said he never saw
said RalphRalph in IllinoisIllinois but only know
he was hired there from the statements
or John Gardon on the cross examination said MartinMartin was
asked if the Plaintiff or any other person
had given him any money to procure his
testimony in this cause the witness answered
no - The above Depositions of Lowry HayLowry Hay were
taken one of them in IllinoisIllinoisMarch 23rd 1831
the in same state 23rd July 1831
the Deposition of Adam SmithAdam Smith was taken in
same state 22nd July 1831 and the Depositions
of John DuncanJohn Duncan & HiramHiram Woodruff WoodruffHiram Woodruff were