Ralph, a man of colour v. James Coleman and Duncan Coleman
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The evidence being closed the Defendants
counsel asked the court to give the Jury
the following instructions â here copy
the instructions â while instructed were
given as asked for the argument to
the say it was insisted by the plaintiff that

The Plaintiff then moved the court to
instruct the jury as follows - that the ordinance
of 1787. prohibiting slavery in the Northwest
Territory continued in force in IllinoisIllinois as
regard the question of slavery until the
3d December 1818. When the state of IllinoisIllinois
was admitted into the union by the restric
tion of congress: which instruction the court
referred to give to which opinion is referring
said instruction the plaintiff excepts

Govern as regards the
the courts charging the Jury another
declared the law to be that as regards the
question of slavery in IllinoisIllinois the constitution
of IllinoisIllinois of not the ordinance of 1789 must
govern from the time that the said-
constitution was passed by the constitution
which formed it the Plantiff moved
for a new trial for the reasons & affidavits
filed of which the following are copies here copy reasons affidavits
the court overruled the motion for a new
trial of to the decision of the court in
refusing to grant the new trial the plaintiff
accepts & tenders this bill of exceptions which is
signed sealed of made part of the Record

WillWill C. CarrCarr