Ralph, a man of colour v. James Coleman and Duncan Coleman
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Directions for taking Depositions pursuant and to notice & this
commission First they must be taken at the time &
place mentioned in the notice. Notice is given that
the plaintiff will take Depositions at the Court house
in MadisonvilleMadisonville KentuckyKentucky on the 28th day of August instant 1833 between the hours of 8 o clock in the forenoon &
6 o clock in the afternoon of that day & that he
will continue to take Depositions from day to day
between the same hour of each day at that place
untill he shall have completed taking said Depositions
the Depositions must be reduced to writing & subscribed
by eachwitness in presence of the Justicewho takes
them & the magistrate must certify at the fact of each
Deposition on what day & between what hours &
at what place each deposition was taken. Each witness
must be sworn or affirmed to testify by the whole truth of his knowledge
touching the matters in controversy between the parties
aforesaid at the fact of all the Depositions the Justice
must certify that the Deponents weresworn or affirmed
beforehim as aforesaid that there Depositions were
reduced to writing & by the Deponents respectively subscribed
in hispresence stating the time & place & cause & on whose
behalf eachwitnesswassworn The instructions for taking
the depositions should be State & by the Justice. The certificate
of the clerk of the Court where the Justices commission
to record under the seal of the Court should be

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procured certifying that the Justice before whom the Depositions
been taken wasawaiting Justice of the peace &, at the date
of taking the Depositions duly commissioned & qualified as
such and that full faith & credit is due to all his affiants
- The Justice should examine any witnessproduced by
either party and ask any question which he thinks material
to detect from the witnessany material fact through his
knowledge touching the matter in dispute between the
parties taking the depositions are taken & certified & the
official character of the Justice authenticated the Justice
should attach this commission to the Depositions on
in an envelope under his seal & sentthen
forthwith the by maildirected to ''The clerk of the
Circuit CourtCircuit Court of Saint Louis County St. Louis Missouri''
& on the envelope should be endorsed the title of
the suit thus -'' RalphRalph vs Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan .

For the of the Justice the following form of
heading & certifying Depositionswhich is substantiallyrequired
by our statutes is given

Depositions of witnessesproduced & sworn & examined on the
day herein after mentioned at the fact of each deposition
between the hours of eight O clock in the forenoon & six O clock
in the afternoon of each of said days at the Court house
in the town of MadisonvilleMadisonville HopkinsHopkins County CountyHopkins County & State ofKentucky
KentuckyKentuckybeforeme a Justice of the peace then & for
the County aforeaid in a certain cause now depending
in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court for Saint LouisSt Louis County and
State of MissouriMissouri between RalphRalph a man of colour
plaintiff & Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan Defendant on the
part of the plaintiff

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G.F. of lawful age being produced sworn & examined
deposith & saith / here insert the Statement of witness
which Statement must be subscribed by witness
which Justice must certify as follows as sworn to and
``subcribed beforeme this 28th day of November 1833 (or if taken on another
``day name the day) between the hours at the place inthat
``which first aforesaid A B Justice of the Peace,

at the end of all the Deposition taken in the cause a certificate
should in added in the following form.

I A B a Justice of the Peacein this & for the county of HopkinsHopkins & state of
``Kentucky do hereby certify that (N. O. R. Q) the Deponants were by me
``severally sworn (or affirmed) to testify the whole truth of their knowledge
``touching the matters in controversy between the parties aforeaid that
``they were examined & their examination reduced to writing & by
``there respectively subscribed in my presence on the day (fordays)
``between the hours & at the place as herein before stated

A. B. Justice of the Peace