Ralph, a man of colour v. James Coleman and Duncan Coleman
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Also the Deposition of George ClarkGeorge Clark taken at the
same time and place mentioned in the caption
to the read as evidence in the same cause this deponent
being of lawful age and being duly sworn
and examined on the part of the Deft deposes and sayeth

Question for Dft

Were you or not acquainted with John Steel if
so state all you know about him whether his
general character be good or bad. Answer
I know Mr Steel he is a man of bad
character and so believed to be by a majority
of all I have heard speak of him he married
the daughter of Mr. DowneyDowney of this county
whom I esteem as a very fine woman he
trifled about him for some time and went off
and left his wife and title children I would
not credit him where oath: He attempted to make
a living here as preaching but could not succeed
there he tried the plan of horse racing and upon
that quit the county. And further this deponent
sayeth not.

GeorgeGeorge Clark ClarkGeorge Clark

I MeredithMeredith Myers MyersMeredith Myers a Justice of the peace