Ralph, a man of colour v. James Coleman and Duncan Coleman
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We started in a flat Boat to go down
the this river until we could get our a
Steam Boat that would take us up the
Missipippi - the flat boat sunk before we
got very far and we all left the Boat &
walked to where we got a passage on a
Steam Boat that took us on to St. LouisSt Louis where we
got on another boat that took us on
to GalenaGalena where are all went to mining -
the negros RalphRalph & Jodeph being under the
care of JesseJesse Duncan DuncanJesse Duncan . About the 18th of July following Eoodruff & myself quit the
GalenaGalenaLead Mines & I left JesseJesse Duncan DuncanJesse Duncan &
Ralph & Joseph at work at the GalenaGalena lead

Question 1st on the part of the plaintiff. Who claimed RalphRalph the Plaintiff when you started to GalenaGalena. Answer: Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan the defendant

Question 2nd an the part of the plaintiff

Do you know whether Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan
knew that RalphRalph the Plaintiff was going to
GalenaGalena to work in care of JesseJesse

Answer: He did

Question 3rd, on the part of the plaintiff.

Do you know whetherColeman DuncanColeman Duncan made
any objection to Ralph's going to GalenaGalena lead
mines in IllinoisIllinois

Answer: I never heard him make any

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until he could so repose his fortune as
to enable him again to take charge of
them this I undertood from him
at different times when on visits to see his family

JohnJohn B BJohn B . Laffoon