Ralph, a man of colour v. James Coleman and Duncan Coleman
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the deposition of witnessRalphRalph a taken at the Dwelling
House of John Laffoon in the County ofCounty of Hopkins HopkinsCounty of Hopkins
KentuckyKentucky, state on the 26th, 27th and 28th day of July 1830Between the hours of six in the forenoon and
six in the afternoon of said day Respectively
Agreeably to the notice here unto annexed to be
Read as evidence a On the part of the Defendant in
A suit now pending in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court
in the County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis State of MissouriMissouri
wherein RalphRalph a Coloured man is plaintiff and
ColemanColeman Duncan DuncanColeman Duncan and JamesJames Duncan DuncanJames Duncan are
defendants -

July 26th 1830such agreeable to noticed and adjourned
until 27th.

27th July 1830 agreeable to adjournment
the deposition of Hiram WoodruffHiram Woodruff taken in the
above case this deponent being of lawful
age and first duly sworn deposith and sayeth
Question by deft

did or did you not start to orleansaboard of a
boat Belonging to John DuncanJohn Duncan and
BrisonBrison Pursley PursleyBrison Pursley in Company with JesseJesse Duncan
DuncanJesse Duncan and a Coloured man named RalphRalph
the property of Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan

Answer. I did Question by same
did or did not the boat get slow before you
got very far

Answer it did

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Question by same

did or did not you and JesseJesse Duncan DuncanJesse Duncan quit
the boat and goon to Fever River together

Answer I did

Question by same
did or did not Jesse DuncanJesse Duncan take the
above named Coloured man RalphRalph with him
to Fever River

Answer he did

Question by Same
did or did you not hear Jesse DuncanJesse Duncan Say
that he had hired the above named Coloured
man RalphRalph of Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan in the state
Of KentuckyKentucky. Hiram WoodruffHiram Woodruff
Answer I did

And further this deponent SayethSayeth

The deposition of John DuncanJohn Duncan taken at the
same time and in the same case this
deponent Being of lawfull age and first
duly sworn deposith and sayth

Question by deft

was or was you not present in the spring of
1828 in KentuckyKentucky in Company with Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan
and Jesse DuncanJesse Duncan and heard Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan
hire unto Jesse DuncanJesse Duncan the above named