Ralph, a man of colour v. James Coleman and Duncan Coleman
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1. If the jury from the evidence shall believe that JohnJohn Gordon
GordonJohn Gordon which he claimed plaintiff as a slave
and then hired or permitted the plaintiff to hire
himself to Labour in the state of IllinoisIllinoisprevious
to the 3rd December AD 1818 the plaintiff ought
recover his freedom

2. That the statements made by JohnJohn Gordon GordonJohn Gordon in
relation to RalphRalph being hired to labor in
IllinoisIllinoiswhichsaidGordonGordon claimed&owned
said RalphRalph as a slave are goodevidence as
against the Defendant claming under said

3. That If the Jury shall believe from the evidence
that same plaintiff has been claimed as the slave
of the defendant he has with the knowledge
& assent of the defendant been hired to
labor in the state of IllinoisIllinois the Jury ought
to find a verdict for the plaintiff

4. That If the Jury shall believe from the evidence
that at any time since plaintiff has been
entitled to his freedom the Defendant has held
said plaintiff as a slave in this by himself or
any other person in this in KentuckyKentucky IllinoisIllinois or
MissouriMissouri the jury ought to find for the

5 That our statute which requires plaintiffs in
suits for freedom to prove their rights to freedom
amounts to nothing more than a legislative
declaration that all negros and mulattos
shall be to be slaves untill they
to the contrary.

5. That it is not necessary in this case that
the plaintiff should prove by direct & positive
evidence that eitherJohnJohn Gordon GordonJohn Gordon previous to 3rd Dec 1818 or Deftsince he claimed plaintiff
as a slave gave his consent to the plaintiff
being hired to labor in the state of IllinoisIllinois
but such consent may be inferred from

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the proof of such facts as create the connection on the minds of the Jury - that such consent was given

6. That all the plaintiff in this case is only bound to
produce the last evidence the nature of his case
admits of and such as it is in his power to produce

6. That If jury shall believe from the evidence that
plaintiff is entitled to his freedom & that Deft at &
before the commencement of this suit held him in
slavery the jury ought to assess
the plaintiff Damages to at least such sum
as plaintiff's laborwouldbeworth and the
Jury may if they are convinced that defendant
has held plaintiff as a slave proving
him to be free give Damages in addition
for the sakeofassumption


7 That everyquestion asked to defendants witnesses
in regards to suits character is improperly asked
and the answer to every such improper
questionought to be entirelydisregardedby
the jury-refused- but the court states the
proper question on such point is what is the
general character of the witness for truth and
veracity on oath and that all evidence of more
general character to impeach the credibility of
the witness is incompetent.