Ralph, a man of colour v. James Coleman and Duncan Coleman
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State of MissouriMissouri
St Louis County Ss

on this 28th day of may 1830came
before me RalphRalph a man of Colour & being sworn
says he has lived at points in MichiganMichigan
Territory & in the state of IllinoisIllinois for more than 2
years lastpast that he was sent there by
Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan who now claims this affiant as
his slave that this affiant sued James DuncanJames Duncan
who said I belonged to him) for his freedom that
said JamesJames about the fourth of this month got me to dismiss said suit
& then took me to StSt Louis. LouisSt Louis MissouriMissouri& said
if I would not come he would put me in irons&
take me to KentuckyKentucky.Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan now claims
me as his slave I have offered him $ 100 for
my freedom & my mate for $ 200 morewhich he
refuses to take I am in fear that JamesJames &ColemanColeman Duncan
DuncanColeman Duncan have conspired together to take me by
force from this place & sell me as a slave or
will cause me to be thus taken & sold I am
well convinced that I have been brought here in
pursuance of an agreementbetween said ColemanColeman
&James DuncanJames Duncan & I want such measures taken
as willsecure my personal safety.

RalphRalph his mark

Sworn & subscribed to before
me May 28th 1830.

G. A.BirdJustice of the Peacein & for
St. Louis County MissouriMissouri