Ralph, a man of colour v. James Coleman and Duncan Coleman
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State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois
WhiteWhite County CountyWhite County

The Deposition of taken before me
JohnJohn Craw CrawJohn Craw Justice
of the peace for the
County of White and State ofIllinois IllinoisIllinois
at the office of the Clerk of the CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court for said County, at the Town
on the 23rd day of July 1831, Between
thehours of Eight O Clock in the forenoon, and six O clock in the afternoon
of said day, to be read in evidence in
a Certain matter of Controversy now
pending in the Circuit CourtCircuit Court of St. LouisSt Louis
and state of MissouriMissouri, where in RalphRalph
a man of color is plaintiff and ColemanColeman Duncan
DuncanColeman Duncan is Defendant, on the part of
the plaintiffs,

LowryLowry Hay HayLowry Hay of Lawful age being
produced, sworn and examined on the
part of the plaintiff Deposith and sayeth
as follows

Have you any Recollection of a note
purporting to be a note from ColemanColeman Duncan
DuncanColeman Duncan to RalphRalph for Twenty Dollars
dated in 1827and attached to a Deposition
of yoursheretofore taken in this Cause


When the Deposition in this Cause was
heretofore taken there was a note attached
which was in my hand writing

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Question 2nd. Did said RalphRalph and one Joa
Negro man said to belong to oneDuncanDuncan
work for you in IllinoisIllinoisin1827 on or
the date of said note


Negros by the name of RalphRalph and Jo Did
work for me in 1827 and I understood them
to belong to ColemanColeman Duncan DuncanColeman Duncan

Ques 3rd.

Did these men when working for your in
1827pass for slaves or free men If for slaves
Did they work for you with or without the
consent of the person that claimed to be their


I Considered them slaves, but whether
they came with or without their masters
consent I know not

Ques. 4th.

wasColeman DuncanColeman Duncan or a man by the name
of DuncanDuncan at the SalineSaline in IllinoisIllinois in 1827 when
said RalphRalph and Jo was their Labouring as
aforesaid, Claiming their wages and observing
them as thereby of master over then,


Coleman DuncanColeman Duncan was at the SalineSaline about
the timeRalphRalph and Joleft there, But when
then their wages was paid to him or them & I do not

Ques 5th

Did your know said RalphRalph when he belonged
to John Gordan of KentuckyKentucky


I did not

LowryLowry Hay HayLowry Hay