Ann Davis, a colored woman v. James T. Symington
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To the honorable the judge of the St. Louis CircuitCircuit Court
CourtCircuit Court in sitting -

Your Arm DavisDavis by
complaining respectfully showeth unto your
honor that she is a colored woman. What is
called a (regress) that she was born in the
state of MarylandMaryland in the United StatesUnited States a slave
belonging a the property of one James Cheston
That said Cheston sold her to one James
T. Symington on the fifteenth day of September eighteen hundred and thirty - ix
for the sum of one hundred dollars to
the said SymingtonSymington until the first day of October eighteen hundred & forty two when
she is to be fee from slavery forever -
that this said bargain & sale aforesaid took
place in the city of BaltimoreBaltimore & state of MarylandMaryland
when said ChestonSymington and your
level when said was
and executed (a certified copy is to the
Court marked the figure and
prayed to be taken as a part of this bill)
your orating here allegedly that it was contrary to the laws of said state of MarylandMaryland
for said SymingtonSymington to take her out of the
territorial limit of said state after his purchased
aforesaid having to but for a
term of years - Neverthelessthe said SymingtonSymington
her your off from said
City ofCity of Baltimore BaltimoreCity of Baltimore in the night time after
his said aforesaid and brought
her to the city and County of St. LouisCounty of St Louis state of MissouriMissouri when
she your at this time within the