Ann Davis, a colored woman v. James T. Symington
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jurisdiction of your court -

Your here that said
SymingtonSymington intends her off to some
of the southern states then to sell her and
make her a slave for life as she has been
informed and believes that he has her
now confined in the jail of said St Louis County
and intents in a short time to put on
a steam boat to be slipped to her southern
market for sale as aforesaid she can
get relieved in the premises by the time by
interposition of this honorable court when
fraud and Circum are setaside
to the end therefore that justice may be
your prays for the common
law writ of commanding
and &c- and that the said
James T. Symington who is hereby made a
defendant to this bill may be compelled
upon his corporat oath to make true and
perfect answer to all and singular the
allegations herein containedfully and perfectly
- your further prays an low
said defendant from removing
her the jurisdiction of this honorable
court and her child namedElizabethElizabeth
an infant aged four months who is also
to be at the age of twenty-one years
and that justice may be in the premises
your prays that