William St. Clair vs. William Girard, James Clare, William Clark, and John K. Walker
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State of MissouriMissouri

Circuit, Third Judicial Circuit,March Term 1831

To, the Honorable WilliamWilliam C CarrCarr , Judge of said
Court In[  Chaning ] Setting

Your complainant WilliamWilliam St Clair ,StWilliam St Clair ClairWilliam St Clair ,
who saw in behalf of himself and Battimore, a man of color
John Stillwill John Cotton, John Moore, Brandy a man of
color Joseph, Davis John Morgan Alexander Badger, King
Chris Williamson Charles William, a man of color
WilliamWilliam Macky & WilliamWilliam Cassel,
of Judgement of WilliamWilliam Garrard James GJames G Cear
& WilliamWilliam Clark ,,
ClarkWilliam Clark represents unto your honor that
that, the above named, judgement
material men employed, on board, of the Steam,
Boat now, called the Stranger previous, to the sale
of said boat, as herein after mentioned that
said Garrard & Clark, when the named
creditors were employed were owners, of said
boat, that said Clark was during, a part of
the time, said creditors were employed on,
said Boat, master thereof & employed, said
creditors, your orator, says that judgements as
follows &, to the following, amounts have been
[ atained ] by the following persons at the times herin,
after stated against said Garrard & ClareClare ,
for Senders an board of said Boat Gistauve,
AA Bird BirdA Bird a justice, of the Peace in
& for, St Louis County MissouriMissouri namely, the judgements mentioned
in the transcripts from the docket, of said Justice
marked, A. which is