William St. Clair vs. William Girard, James Clare, William Clark, and John K. Walker
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part of this bill.

Said complainant also says, that the following
Judgements were recorded, against said Clark
before, said Justice,
as mentioned in the transcript,
of said Justice hereafter as heretofor, Marked B no
made part, of this Bill and your complamant says that all of the
a Judgements remain in full force, unpaid, unsecured & wholly unsatisfied & that, all of said
Judgements were were secured, for wages due for servies
rendered on said Boat, your complainant,
says that a short time before, said
Judgements were secured, as aforesaid, said
WilliamWilliam Clark ClarkWilliam Clark , sent sent out, from the St LouisSt Louis
Circuit, court an attachment against the
Lands & tenements goods chattels wages credis & effects, of said Garrard & ClareClare by virtue, of
which, said Steam Boat was, attached had said said boat, in possession was, summoned as in said suit, by attachment, and complainant, says
that such had in this court
at the last July term, that on motion,
of said Clark, said boat was ordered, to be sold as perishable property, by the Sheriff, of said county some time last summer, or fall & brought, your complainant $1500, dollars
Which, is in the hands of the said Sheriff or will be, and subject, to the future and of this, court of the said,
complainant says that of said Clark, had