William St. Clair vs. William Girard, James Clare, William Clark, and John K. Walker
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not made an affidavit which, the acts, of his case would not justify, to procure, the
said attachment, to issue, that said attachment
could not have been legally issued your
complainant alledges that said affidavit is
false, in this that it, alledges, that the owners
of, said steam boat said Garrard & ClareClare
to said
Clark, in the sum, of fifteen hundred dollars
when he knew that, said owners did, not owe,
him to and when,
he that to make up said sum of,
$1500 he included the sum, of about $ 500, due
said Judgement creditors from, the owners, of
said boat, which said Clark, as master deemed
himself liable,
to pay he
paid said Clark stated, in substance, in said
affidavit that that,he had reason, to believe,
that the defendants in the attachment were about to remove their effects out, of the state,
of MissouriMissouri when he well knew that all,
said defendants, had no other effects, in
MissouriMissouri except, said steam boat said subject to said attachment & to him said Clark himself, had possession, of said boat,
as master & held it, by virtue, of a mortgage
from, the owners with, full power, to contract
& dispose, of said boat, to pay said mortgage
& what was due, him &, the boat, hands for
services rendered, on said Boat

your complainant, says that when, said boat was sold, said Garrard, & ClareClare were, the sale owners, of