William St. Clair vs. William Girard, James Clare, William Clark, and John K. Walker
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said Boat, your complainant says that in
the month of April 1830 at the instant,
of Harnbrook two, attachments were,
sent out one, in favor, of said Harnbrook against, said ClareClare , to secure, about, $300 alledged, to be due, said Harnbrook,
by note another, in favor, of said ClareClare , for
the use of said Harnbrook, against said Garrard
& Carrel on, an account alledged, to be due from,
the defendants, in the attachment, to said ClareClare ,
for services rendered, on said boat which account was assigned, by said ClareClare , to said
Harnbrook, to secure, the payment of the said note of about, $300 on which, an attachment
had issued, as aforesaid,, and your complainant
alledges that these, a
on the statement made on oath that, the defendants,
to remove their effects, of the state of MissouriMissouri whe in fact the
affiants well know that defendants, had no
effects, in MissouriMissouri subject, to said attachements
except, said steam boat which affiants know, had
been already, attached at the suit, of said Clark
& others & was, in the custody, of the Law & could not be removed, your complements says
said William ClarkWilliam Clark , is a non
resident of MissouriMissouri & that, the above, Judgement
creditors have no means, of securing the, said
the costs but, by has or, shall come, to the hands of said
Sheriff from the sale, of said boat, to the payment
of the Judgements against, said Clark, & costs,