William St. Clair vs. William Girard, James Clare, William Clark, and John K. Walker
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your complainant alledges, that said Garrard, &
ClareClare , are as such
they made out & delivered, to the late sheriff,
of StSt Louis, LouisSt Louis county, among their things, a list, of
there creditors, in which, they acknowledge, to
our William ClarkWilliam Clark , $1500 where, complainant
says that a few days before making making out, said
list of creditors, said Garrard & Clark & Clare , the understand to make an arrangement by which said
boat could be released from Clarks attachment & it ws then admitted by said
Garrard Clark & Clare that the sum due
said Clark from said Garrard & ClareClare
was eight, hundred dollars or thereabouts
your, complainant says that said Judgement
creditors have endeavored, by legal means, to
inform the payment of the above, Judgements
but have entirely failed, the exceptions were issued,
on each of said Judgements against, said
Clark, & for want, of goods & chattels, to be,
found to satisfy, said the body, of said
Clark was taken & committed, to the gaol,
of St Louis County & that John Stillwell
one of, said creditors, has has paid six dollars,
for jail fees, for said creditors that, your
orator, has been compelled, to pay eight dollars,
for the same purpose, & that said creditors
being unwilling, to pay any more fees &, said
Clark being unable, to do so was discharged from jail,. your complainants say that both,
said Garrard & ClareClare accountable, to said,