William St. Clair vs. William Girard, James Clare, William Clark, and John K. Walker
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judgement creditors, for the amount of the said,
Judgements recovered against, said Clark as
aforesaid,. and your complainant says, that
in convergence, of said attachments, this wrongfully
& illegally obtained said creditors, have
from securing, these Judgments aforesaid, & make,
said Garrard & Clare & Clark & Harnbrook &,
John K WalkerJohn K Walker defendants, to this
Bill in consideration, of the promises, your complainant prays, the interposition, of this court
that said attachment may be or all
in such manner, as
the court, shall direct, that said defendants,
may be compelled, to fully answer, an oath, all
the allegations, of this bill that the said John K WalkerJohn K Walker ,
shall be to payto, your orator,
and said creditors, the amount of has to these
Judgements as aforesaid &, all costs your orator prays, the writ, of subpoena & such further & other relief, as he, may be
in equity & good conscience your orator will ever, pray