Carey, a man of color v. Benjamin Wilder
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Said CareyCarey on his oath says that about
the 8th of June Said Wilder who claims this
as his slave this to captain
for the purpose of on board
of the Slave boat St LouisSt Louis for a trip from
St LouisSt Louis to New OrleansOrleans & from there back
that this was taken on board of
said Boat against his will & taken to New
OrleansOrleans that he returned on board of
Said Boat to St LouisSt Louisabout the first of
July that soon after his return he
called on his counsel on when
to about making
preparations for his trial said
informed this that it was
to prepare his case for trial
by the term of the court
had again for
& must appear in court & be as
to this
says that soon after his return from New OrleansOrleans
he was taken sick & has
under the care of a physicican to this time
that when this case was called for trial
last friday this was under the operation
of medicine & unable to attend court.
This says that during his he has
been treated with severity by Wilder
he has suffered for want of food & clothing
but forced to work when he was sick & unable
to work

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This believes he is entitled to his freedom
& if permitted can procure the evidence to establish
by the term of this court the of
this him LouisianaLouisiana MissouriMissouri &
IllinoisIllinois to take
be at both places with
for plaintiff whant galin a are semral & there
shond be ma cirtanly of procuring their positions
in the same day or week. It was the
intention of the to have been ready
for trial at this term & he believes he should
have been prepared if he had not been prevented
by his trip to New orleans made us aforesaid

CareyCarey his mark


sworn onted before
sum a justice of the piece of
S LouisS Louis county august 22rd 1831

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