Julia v. Samuel M. Kinney
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St LouisSt Louis cir cuit

St Louis County to a woman of
color who by of the event
inflows of
SamuelSamuel of a plea of trespases
In that the said SamuelSamuel
on first day of march in the year1831
fore and
on the said Inla at St LouisSt Louis aforesaid
and then and there
of the said Inla and with
and then and there the said Inla
a quiet many blows and
and then and there and the said
JuliaJulia and left and detained for a
then without any and for a long space of time
to day, when
the said and all that this above when the aforesaid

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grievances were ant at
and to and the the first
day of march in the year1851 the said
JuliaJulia was and still is a free person and that even
the said SamuelSamuel there and then hold
and detained her, and still holds
and detains her inslaveryslavery
contrary to and against the will and
consent of the said JuliaJulia sad
JuliaJulia then and there was not only
injured by and blows and and than greatly injured
ant by above aid than and of and to the day
of the said JuliaJulia $500 and