Julia v. Samuel M. Kinney
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on the last part of deponent was
then being at Philips Ferry had known
Mrs CarringtonCarrington in KentuckyKentucky soon after Mrs
CarringtonCarrington arrived in IllinoisIllinois she told
Deponent that She Mrs CarringtonCarrington
had every thing to & that if Depon-
int should at any time want the plaintiff
JuliaJulia to work for her she could hear her
& could pay her for Julias work in
any thing she had to spare JuliaJulia the
Plaintiff worked for me one or two
days & I paid for her work in
soap. Mrs Carringtons came
for the soap & said then mother
had sent them for the soap for Julias
washing. I frequently saw Julia &
Harriet with Mrs Carringtons family
in Pike CountyPike County IllinoisIllinois between the
time of her arrival & christmas not
following - Mrs CarringtonCarrington told deponent
She had been offered a grand price for
said Julia & Harriet in KentuckyKentucky
but she did not want to sell them
while JuliaJulia was in IllinoisIllinois she was
engaged in Mrs Carringtons business
& obeyed her commands as slaves
generally do some time about
christmas Julia & Harriet were sent to MissouriMissouri

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to be hired out in
Mrs CarringtonCarrington has lived in IllinoisIllinois since
her arrival in 1829. & soon after she
purchased land as she informed me in this
County & on the County of MorganCounty of Morgan
I heard the defendant
M KinneyM Kinney say he had purchased said
Julia & Harriet from JosephJoseph Carring
ton & that he intended to bar JosephJoseph Carrington
& CarringtonJoseph Carrington selling
Harriet & Julia for slaveswhen they
were free

Nancy BrightNancy Bright

Sworn & Subscribed to before
me on the day between the
hours & at the place first aforesaid

AndrewAndrew Philips