Julia v. Samuel M. Kinney
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kept said Julia & Harriet in IllinoisIllinois
until some time before Christmaswhen
they were sent to Lousiana in MissouriMissouri
& hired out as I understand from
Mrs CarringtonCarrington & her son JosephJoseph
The evening before Christmas Mrs
CarringtonCarrington had a daughter married
JuliaJulia was sent for as I understand
from Mrs Carringtons family & I think
from Mrs CarringtonCarrington to assist in
cooking for
was at the & saw JuliaJulia
engaged in services about the house
of Mrs CarringtonCarrington

In the summer or fall of 1830
I saw JuliaJulia at the house of Mrs
CarringtonCarrington in IllinoisIllinois She was
then said to be unwell
I think about September 1830 Mrs
CarringtonCarrington & one of her sons & one
of her daughters stayed all night
at my fathers in IllinoisIllinoisJuliaJulia
one of the plaintiffs was with
Mrs CarringtonCarrington & family They had
been engaged as Mrs CarringtonCarrington
then said at one JohnJohn B BJohn B
Mathews in spreading -
JuliaJulia was thenapparently well

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and had been engaged in spreading
as Mrs CarringtonCarrington said
BenjaminBenjamin Mathews a daughter of Mrs CarringtonCarrington
in the summer
& fall of 1830 he lived in MorganMorgan County
CountyMorgan County IllinoisIllinois distant about 12 or
14 miles from where Mrs CarringtonCarrington
lived HarrietHarriet was always in IllinoisIllinois
with JuliaJulia her mother
when JuliaJulia came from MissouriMissouri
to a third the aforesaid
JuliaJulia while she was in IllinoisIllinois was
in the service of Mrs CarringtonCarrington
& there to her between
Mrs Carrington & Julia & Harriet
that relation which generally
subsists between Master & Slave

Sworn & Subscribed to
before me on the day between the hours
& at the place first aforesaid

AndrewAndrew Philips J S