Julia v. Samuel M. Kinney
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State of Illinois
Pike CountyPike County

JohnJohn B BJohn B Mathews of lawful age
being produced sworn examined on the part
& behalf of the said Defendants, Deposeth & saith

Mrs CarringtonCarrington came to this County in the fall
of the year 1829, when the weather was very
cold - her horses ran away soon after getting
here & under all the circumstances, she sent
her negros to MissouriMissouri as soon as was practic
able even before she made any settlement
in this [ Country ], Julia a woman of Colour
& her her child HarrietHarriet are the Negros I
refer to - They were carried to MissouriMissouri
in the Month of November 1829. By JosephJoseph Carrington
CarringtonJoseph Carrington , the son of Mrs CarringtonCarrington
The said JuliaJulia never did any labour at
my house or for me at fear or at
any other thing - at the time aforesaid
there was no other man but myself in the
Neighbourwood in which Mrs CarringtonCarrington
then lived of the name of Mathew, at the
time aforesaid when Mrs CarringtonCarrington came
to this county. The ice was very
badly in the Mississippi RiverMississippi River, it was
dangerous to cross the River.

I am well acquainted with the general
character of WilliamWilliam Scholle - It is very
bad - I do not think him entitled to face
credit as a witness

I am & have been for nine years past
well acquainted with the charge
s of NancyNancy , now Nancy BrightNancy Bright
& formerly the reputed wife of
Philips - her character is very bad

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I would not believe her statements, made
under oath as a witness, from a knowl
edge of her character.

The said JuliaJulia came back to Mrs CarringtonCarrington
during the christmas holidays 1829 leav
ing her said Child in MissouriMissouri - She
was taken back to MissouriMissouri/ in about 2 days
after Christmas aforesaid J B Mathews
I M.E. Rattau one of the Justices of the
peace within & for the county of PikePike
do hereby certify that J. B. Mathews, the
deponent was by me sworn to testify the whole
truth of his knowledge touching the matter
in controversy the case aforesaid that
the deponent was examined & his exam
ination reduce to writing & subscribed
& subscribed by said Deponent in my
presence on the 27th day of march 1834
between the hours of Ten O Clock AM &
3 O Clock PM at the court house in
Pittsfield in the county of PikePike & state
of IllinoisIllinois

Given & certified this 27th day of March 1834

M.E. Rattau I. P.