Julia v. Samuel M. Kinney
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of lawful age being produced sworn & examined
on the part of the defendant deposeth & saith
That he was present at AndrewAndrew Philips in PikePike county
State of IllinoisIllinois when the depositions of Nancy MorrisNancy Morris &
AnneAnne Philips were taken in the above cause on the part of
the plaintiff the depositions were written by Mr BirdBird
the plaintiff's attorney the deposition of NancyNancy Morris MorrisNancy Morris
was taken in the name of NancyNancy Philips & where she came
to sign it she said that was not her name that her name was
Nancy MorrisNancy Morris and signed it accordingly

That when he Mr BirdBird had written several answers the
Witnesses objected that they were not correctly written
& Mr BirdBird said it was the same thing in substance and
did not alter them that Mr BirdBird was in the neigh
-bourhood several days before the taking of the depositions
and that deponent saw [ sid ] Bird & Nancy Morris out on
the river bottom together killing wild ducks before
the depositions were taken and that he this deponent
was a while with them & then left them trying to get
a duck out of the water which he this deponent shot
that Nancy MorrisNancy Morris was some times called by that name
and at other times NancyNancy Philips & that she is now

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called NancyNancy Bright BrightNancy Bright having married a man of that
name but from whom she is now - divorced & that AnneAnne
Philips is now [ maried ] to a man of the name of
That he has been accquainted with Nancy MorrisNancy Morris for
twenty years and that her character has always
that time been bad that he is well acquainted with
the general character of WilliamWilliam Schoell and
that he could not prove that character believe him
under oath