Julia v. Samuel M. Kinney
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Question 6th. Was or was not Mrs CarringtonCarrington about the
time anxious to send the said JuliaJulia
to MissouriMissouri without delay

Answer She manifested much anxiety to send
her, & did send her as soon as was

Question 7th. Are you acquainted with the gener
-al character of NancyNancy Bright BrightNancy Bright ,

Answer - I have been acquainted with her
general character for four years

Question 8th. From your knowledge of her
Character, would you beleive her
evidence given under oath

Answer In a case where she has prejudice
I beleive she would be as apt to sware
falsely as to sware the truth

Question 9th. Is the said NancyNancy Bright BrightNancy Bright the same
person who was formerly reputed to be
the wife of Philips & did she
live with said Philips as his wife

Answer - She is the same person & she did
live with the said Philips as his

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Question 10th. Do you know what was her proper name
when she lived Philips

Answer I do not but I have understood It was
Nancy MorrisNancy Morris

Question 11th. Was the said NancyNancy friendly with Mrs

Answer In the years 1829 & 1830. when I was last
personally acquainted with her she
was very unfriendly with Mrs Carring

HenryHenry Baitman