Julia v. Samuel M. Kinney
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of lawful age being produced and
sworn on the part of the plaintiff Deposeth
and sayeth Question will you state the time
as near as you can when Mrs CarringtonCarrington Came to this
county Ans Sometime in Oct (the Latter Part)
in AD1829 Question Do you know that Mrs
CarringtonCarrington [ brot ] with her JuliaJulia a woman of
Colour and her Child HarrietHarriet . Ans I do know
that She did Question Did you work for Mrs CarringtonCarrington in AD1830
if you did how long Ans One month and a half
which work was done between the first of July1830
and first of Sept1830 Question Did Mrs CarringtonCarrington
loose her Child in the time spoken of about the work
Ans She did Question. Do you know of Julias having
been at Mrs CarringtonCarrington in AD1830 and if so how
long Ans She was there But I cannot tell how
long Question was JuliaJulia at Mrs CarringtonCarrington while
the Child was sick. Ans I either saw her
at Mrs Carringtons while the child was sick or
afterwards (Question) Did you see JuliaJulia at
Mrs Carringtons in the year 1830 for 4 weeks or not. Ans
I think Not. Question Do you or not know
that JuliaJulia was at Mr Carringtons in AD1830
more than eight weeks Ans I do not
Question was or was not JuliaJulia to your Knowledge
at Mr Carringtons in AD1830 more than six
weeks. Ans, I do not know
Question Do you know that JuliaJulia was not
at Mrs Carringtons more than six weeks
in AD1830Ans I dont know that she was
there that long Question at what time do
you see JuliaJulia at Mrs CarringtonCarrington 1830
Ans I dont remember

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Ans JuliaJulia & some of the family stayed all night at my
house and in the morning word came for JuliaJulia to go
over to Mathises and spreadsome flaxthat Mrs
CarringtonCarrington had got of and she went
Question are you acquainted with Haston Wells

Ans I am
Ques what is his character as to truth and
verasityin his neighbourhood in general

AnsIt is not good so far as I know
it isnot goodbad

Question Do you recollect of Mrs CarringtonCarrington loosing her
horses shortly after she came here Ans, I did and I went and two of
the boys where I heard they were but when I got
there the horses had been there, just before, and had
left and was not found at that time

Ques How long did you understand her horses was lost
before she found them

Ans one week or ten days or about that time
Ques Are you acquainted with Nancy BrightNancy Bright , and if you
are what is her general character in relation to truth
and verasity

Ans I never heard it disputed or Doubted, untill
lately in taking Depositions in this case
now in Consideration

Ques are you acquainted with J.B.Mathis

Ans Yes

Ques Do you know that he married Mrs Carringtons
daughter the winter after she came here

Ans It is so he did and they have lived together
ever since and further the Deponent saith