Julia v. Samuel M. Kinney
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Question in what time did Mrs CarringtonCarrington
loose her child in AD1830 Ans I dont remem
ber in what time of the year it was. Question
was it between July and Sept1830 Ans
it was. (Question) at what time of 1831
did Mrs CarringtonCarrington send JuliaJulia to St LouisSt Louis and
sell her. Ans I dont know. Question Did
or did not Mrs CarringtonCarrington keep JuliaJulia in the
Ill till it was much talked that she
would [ loose r ] or She JuliaJulia would or had got her
freedom. Ans There was a talk of it
in 1829. Question Hpw long did Mrs CarringtonCarrington
keep JuliaJulia in the Ills in 1829Ans I
cannot tell how long. Question was JuliaJulia sick
when Brought from MissouriMissouri in 1830 and if so how
long did she remain sick Ans She so She
was, but I dont know how long she remained sick
and further the deponent saith not

Thomas Thomas K