Julia v. Samuel M. Kinney
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WilliamWilliam Shoell of lawful age being produced
and sworn & examined on the part of the plantiff
Deposeth and saith

Question Are you acquainted with Mrs CarringtonCarrington and if you are
how long have you been acquainted

Ans Ever since the fall of 1829 when she first
came to this state. I saw her the day after
her arrival at Philioes Ferry

Ques Did she bring with her, a woman of [ coulor ] named JuliaJulia and
HarrietHarriet her daughter

Ans she did or at least she told me so

Ques Did Julia & Harriet live with Mr CarringtonCarrington
and were they treated as slaves

Ans they were treated as slaves But Mrs CarringtonCarrington
was very kind to them, and they was subject
to her control & her Commands in my presence and
I was frequently there

Que how long did Mrs CarringtonCarrington keep them Julia & Harriet here
before she sent them to MissouriMissouri

Ans she Brought them here in Oct and some
time after sent them as I understood to
MissouriMissouri and I saw her at Mrs Carringtons
the day before christmas at Mrs Carringtons
daughters wedding and she assisted in preparing
the dinner &c and I have no doubt but that she
stays at least one month in the IllinoisIllinois before
she was sent away the first time