Julia v. Samuel M. Kinney
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Ques how long she stay the second time before
she went back; Ans I think one week at least

Ques did you see JuliaJulia working at Mrs Carringtons after
she came over from MissouriMissouri, Ans I saw her
assisting in for the wedding as before

Ques Is J B Mrs Carringtons

Ans he married Mrs Carringtons daughter Minerva

Quest Where did he live in the summer and fall
of 1830 and how far from Mrs CarringtonCarrington

Ans in Morgan CountyMorgan County this state and about
12 or 15 miles distant from Mrs CarringtonCarrington

Ans Did you understand from Mrs CarringtonCarrington
when she first came to this state the
intended to settle herself in this state

Ans I did understand that she was wishing
to settle here and consequently I went with
them to show them the county as they might
make a choice

Ques was it cold weather when Mrs CarringtonCarrington
arrived and was there ice in the river

Ans the weather was not cold and no ice
in the river I with my sister cross the
river into Morgan CountyMorgan CountyIlls and stay two
or four days and recrop back again and the
river was yet clear of and the
weather not disagreeable and further the
deponent saith not